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Field and Vineyard

Luxury Earth Collection One Hour Enamel

Luxury Earth Collection One Hour Enamel

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Ivory:  Just like a beam of bright, warm sunlight slipping through the forest’s curtain. It’s the perfect shade of off white, kissed with a warmth we love. 

Dark Forest:  Quite possibly the quintessential shade of deep, earthy greenery in the hidden depths of the woods. This almost black-green has a deliciously dark brown undertone that warms this hue to perfection.

Raven:  Known for its dark elegance in the forest and magical blue-black shimmer in the light.  This is the deepest dark blue of your dreams. 

Celtic Fog:  The magical mist that comes as the first light warms the earth. Soft sage with a delicate whisper of gray making this the most elegant breath of color in your home.

Leatherwood:  This soft, ethereal brown is our new go to. It has a beautiful blushing warmth that adds sophistication and tones down the earthy nature of this hue. Pairs perfectly with Fauna.

Wrought Iron:  A soft, muted black that leans a little warm, despite its slight hint of blue undertones. 

Fauna:  This earthy mushroom hue has warm, soft blush tones, adding a touch of complexity and elegance.


Our One Hour Enamel Paint also known as OHE, is an incredibly tough, tenacious, fast-drying acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require a quick return to service and an abrasion-resistant finish. Our One Hour Enamel (OHE) is a total game-changer for both professionals and DIY’ers alike!  Our water-based enamel formula made primarily for Kitchen Cabinets and Front Doors, has a stone-like Satin topcoat built-in. It is a great choice for painting cabinets, trim, or updating exterior and interior doors.  This quick cure formula knocks out projects in record time.

Available in Quarts and Gallons. Coverage per Gallon is approximately 400sq feet.

One Hour Enamel paint is available in many inspiring colors, please note that colors will vary depending on your screen settings. 

Wise Owl Paint™ Wisdom for PRO Results

  • Do not overwork. Lay down enough paint so that it has enough product to self-level but avoid drips.
  • Do not use Wax over Enamel.
  • The recommended recoat time is 2 hours.
  • Use our Stain Eliminating Primer before for superior adhesion.
  • Use a microfiber 3/16 inch roller.  If spraying, you may thin with water if needed but not more than 10%.
  • If using Glaze over Enamel, no need to use Varnish first. Apply glaze right over enamel. Must seal the glaze with Varnish or Clear OHE.
  • Do NOT use clear shellac as a primer with One Hour Enamel! It will cause the paint to crackle.
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